Teaching at the University Vienna and Medical University Vienna

1970-1973: Assistant of Prof. Dr. H. Tuppy in „Chemische Übungen für Mediziner“ – supervision and exams in laboratory work of MD students

1975-1981: Lectures on laboratory examinations for psychiatry patients in a series of lectures on „Praktikum der klinischen Psychiatrie“ in German

1982-2001: Einführung in die Neurobiochemie, 7x1h lectures in German, each summer semester

1982-2011: „Biochemische Übungen für Fortgeschrittene“ practical work for advanced students of biochemistry, and later on (1990-2011) also for students of genetics and biology, in the lab of W. Sieghart, for diploma and PhD students

1983-1997: lectures on laboratory examinations for psychiatry patients during an obligatory course on „Praktische Diagnostik und Therapie in der Psychiatie“, for medical students, in German

1990-2011: training, supervision, and weekly seminars for students during their diploma work and work on their PhD thesis

1990-2011: four week practical work in the lab of W. Sieghart for biochemistry and genetic students who wanted to specialize in Neuroscience („Neurochemische Forschungsaufgaben und Methoden“, Wahlfachausbildung gem §13/1 lit.a, StG)

2001-2011: 7x2h lectures each year on the „Biochemical basis of psychiatric and neurologic diseases“ in English, each summer semester for all interested students

2003-2011: obligatory 3 of a total of 15 one hour lectures for undergraduate molecular biology students on „Neurobiology“, in a lecture series of the Center for Brain Research, in German, detailing how the brain works and how one can investigate the functions of the brain

2003-2011: lecture „Basics of Neuroscience“


Additional teaching

1973 und 1974: 16 hours of lectures for „teaching nurses“ at the „Central School of the Red Cross in Vienna“, on „Chemistry and Biochemistry“.

1978 und 1985 – 1988:  „Biochemical concepts in psychiatric nosology and treatment“ (each year,  4 educational lectures for psychiatrists from abroad)


Scientific training of technicians

The intensive training and involvement of technicians in the scientific work of the group of Prof. Sieghart is demonstrated by the fact that a total of 9 technicians of the group (Ing. G. Drexler, Ing. A. Mayer/Eichinger, Ing. C. Wolf, Ms. A. Schuster, Mrs. S. Karall, Mr. E. Ronca, Mr. W. Schlerka, Mrs. N. Fathi, Mrs. E. Gerhard) had been first-authors at 7 scientific papers and co-authors at 26 scientific papers.



>100 undergraduate students performed practical work in the lab of Dr. Sieghart

38 diploma students successfully completed their studies under his supervision

26 PhD students successfully completed their studies under his supervision

19 postdocs did their postdoctoral studies in the lab of Dr. Sieghart.

8 former students or postdocs so far have been habilitated and became „Privat Dozents“ (rank of Associate Professors) or full-Professors.